Thursday, March 22, 2012

I have decided to share stories about my grandmother's cooking,

Towards the end of summer and going into fall, my grandmother was doing her canning of all the fruits and jams for winter to include peaches, pears, apricots, making peach marmalade, peach jam, apricot preserves, and something special that was called spiced clingstone peaches, it was made with cloves and cinnamon and it wasn't unusual to eat an evening meal of just spiced peaches and homemade bread and butter and sliced cheese.

She also made dilly beans? well the adults liked them and made things like pickled chutney, sweet pickles and bread and butter pickles and would use them for the holidays to serve with meats and other meals. My palate didn't care for them then but would sure like to try them now, if only had her recipes.


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  2. When my kids were young I canned just about everything. I went to the market and bought by the bushel. And I cooked on a camp stove on the patio! I wish I still canned but with there being just me, there's no reason anymore. But I do hate that I never got my girls interested in canning.

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