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How to share treat with kids and have fun with them
-First bring your treat to the table for example; M&M candies..
-Call the kids ( this trick works with the little one like 2-4 years old


  1. Get the kids to sit with you in circle, put the treat in front of you and lay a piece of tissue in front of each kid including you.
  2. Start sharing the treat by starting from you and go around until it comes back to you and repeat until you're out of the treat.
  3. While you are sharing the treat, make it fun by expressing an exciting attitude to make them all anxious but while they are concentrating on what they are getting, you trick them by giving more piece to you than them let it be like this for awhile, one of the kids will realize that they have been cheated out of their share. They will then start complaining. THIS IS WHERE THE FUN IS!
    • Here is an example of the sentence to use into playing this trick, "Are you guys ready!!!! Here it comes, One for me and one for you and one for you" (keep it like this for about 3 - 4 rounds then start saying) "One for you, one for you and two for me, one for you one for you and two for me" believe me once these kids start to notice the amount of their candies are less than yours or hearing what you've been saying. One will start to say "Hey! mommy why two for you and one for us!!!" this is where you'll have a good laugh because you'll see very funny reaction from them (guarantee to be most adorable).


  • make sure you don't let the older kids involve in this scheme as they will blow the whole thing so fast.


  • Once you have a good laugh then you better give them the fair share othewise you'll be in big trouble with these little evils. Have fun!!!!!
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