Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{New Sweetener To Be Released to Public}

Ok for years I have been an advocate against the so called safe "sweeteners" used in all kinds of products from cereals, drinks, prepared foods and even in baby foods. These are very dangerous by-products of chemicals and a way for the manufacturer to get rid and use them in what they call safe "sweeteners", what a bunch of poppy cock.

When nutrasweet came out in the 70's I refused to buy Kool-aid with it added as I had 2 children with ADD and did not want to add to their diagnosis.  I have read so many articles published against the use, and they cause problems from ADDD ADHD allergies, headaches, body aches and pains to mention only just a few.

These un-natural sweeteners have no place in our foods, or our bodies. I would much rather make the choice of natural cane sugar as a sweetener, its naturally grown, what could be better.

Now comes monsanto, they are getting ready to release another safe sweetener,after selling off  their Nutrasweet company to someone else they have now developed a new sweetener called neotame, is a chemical derivative of aspartame. 

I received this article that I have subscribed to for about 7 years and with much research done, I'm believing what they tell me. After reading the article you be the judge. Neotame Article

I am definitely not one to advocate the use of any non nutritive, artificially sweetener, but again thats our freedom to choose. Whats your opinion I would love to read your comments.

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