Monday, February 28, 2011

Review-Presto Salad Shooter

Professional Salad Shooter

The first time I used a salad shooter, I received it as a gift. It was the first model
they had, which was battery operated. When I could no longer find the battery
pack I replaced it with the professional salad shooter, which is more powerful.
The salad shooter is very easy to use and clean up is a breeze,
all the parts are dishwasher safe and all metal parts of of stainless steel,
which will not rust.

Uses for me include all hard vegetables and cheese
Carrots Broccoli Celery Cheese Potatoes Squash
Pros: Strong and durable, easy to use  Cons: It is noisy but expected
And yes I would recommend it to a friend.

The Presto Professional Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder makes
a variety of cuts with thin, thick slices, ripple cuts, and shreds.
It has professional power capacity, size, and speed, plus a funnel guide.
Features:The big food chamber holds whole potatoes, zucchini and more
An adjustable food guide easily adapts to large or small loads
Interchangeable processing cones make thick and thin slices, ripple cuts, and shreds
Includes a handy funnel guide for directing ingredients where they're needed
Base wipes clean, and all other parts are dishwasher safe
1 year limited warranty
114 watts of power
Dimensions: 11"h x 4.25"w x 8.5"d

I was not ask to do this review and did not receive any compensation, I did this because it is an appliance I use and love and wanted to share my view on this neat handheld kitchen appliance.

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