Friday, February 11, 2011

{Wholly Guacamole Prize Package Giveaway ~ 8 Winners}

Ranch’s oily little secrets are about to be exposed folks and you’re gonna learn some fun, healthy, delicious ways to snack smarter! Get off the Ranch is a fun website that gently pokes fun at Ranch Dressing’s high fat and calorie content. Be sure to check out the hilarious videos and sign up for the newsletter (psst… you’ll receive coupons if you do!)

If you’re not familiar with the good fat in Wholly Guacamole, click on the avocado with the halo (Good Fat/Bad Fat). You’ll get the lowdown on the good fats that are in guac, the ones you’re body needs! Avocados are rich in Vitamin E and folic acid you know!
Do you love guacamole? Wait, have you tried guacamole? I thought I didn’t like it because years ago I tasted lousy, salty over-processed guac from a cheap Mexican restaurant. Icky stuff! About a year ago, I ‘womaned’ up, bought an avocado, made my own and OhMyGosh, I loved it. So when my new friends at Wholly Guacamole asked me if I would like to try their guacamole I took a look at their website and decided to give their products a whirl!

I was Blessed to receive a Wholly Guacamole Prize Package for review. Wholly Guacamole uses real Hass avocados and natural ingredients that don’t include preservatives, artificial flavors or heat treatments in their products. Well, that explains why their ‘stuff’ tastes like homemade! Their products taste like they are made from scratch, in my kitchen! Nothing artificial or icky in ‘em! Yay! I thought Wholly Guacamole was just guacamole, heck no! They also make deeeelish Wholly Salsa (Hubby’s fave) and Wholly Queso (a fave of my older daughter.) 
Wholly Guacamole Prize Package Giveaway ~ 8 Winners

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